Enhancing The Way We Bet

I have spent the last 6 years working in the gaming industry for some of the biggest operators in the market like William Hill to more niche and high end betting exchanges such as Matchbook. Understanding how consumers and businesses have reacted to the evolving nature of products and pricing in the industry has been a fascinating and huge learning experience. I have witnessed first hand the industry move forward leaps and bounds with innovation and advances in technology leading the way for immeasurable growth.

Yet i feel there is a lot of room for further improvement and innovation in the industry, largely from strategic betting partners rather than the operators themselves.

5 years ago the talk was all about social and mobile but no one really knew what format that would take and what exactly it would lead too. It's fair to say that time is well and truly upon us now and key results and financials only go to back this up;

  • Gambling Capital forecast mobile gambling will make up 44 percent of global interactive gambling by 2018, delivering 19 billion euros a year. That’s up from 2.4 billion euros in 2010, when mobile accounted for just 11 percent of interactive.
  • William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Betfair said PC-only users represented less than half of online customers in 2013 as punters placed more bets on smartphones and tablets
  • 4.3 percent of iPhone users have a sports betting app on their phone
  • 30 percent of mobile gamblers in the UK access gambling sites at least once a day while 54 percent do the same at least once a month
  • Over the next five years, the number of mobile and/or tablet owners using their devices to gamble will increase by 100 million, meaning that 164 million people will either place a bet, visit a mobile casino or buy a lottery ticket on their device in 2018.

The way consumers and bettors engage with bookmakers has changed drastically and the variety of options and mechanisms available to allow for the speed, accuracy, excitement and enjoyment of betting is growing month on month.
With these changes taking place so have bookmakers marketing strategies along with evolving promotions.

It was with the above in mind that I set out to create and launch BET A BONUS. An innovative site that will be centred around mobile bettors that really focuses on user experience and value.

Operators have invested huge resources into their mobile products and strategy which is yielding fantastic results. However on the other end of the spectrum many traditional affiliates and betting partners which were largely desktop orientated have yet to really tackle and make their mark in the new mobile environment. There are a number of reasons why this may be the case, relating to costs and technological restrictions that currently may hamper the ability to integrate closely with bookmakers.

BET A BONUS aims to really tackle this problem and provide mobile betting users with an authoritative, easy to navigate and up to the date platform that aggregates all the latest value driven offers and promotions in the market to turn the odds in the favour of the punter.

This is just the start of what i hope becomes a long and successful journey and i will be documenting the sites progress as we develop and launch our latest products over the coming months.

If you are looking to make more from your bets then make sure you stay tuned and up to date with what BET A BONUS has to offer.